If you received an email stating that your Item was on HOLD it means that your package is in Processing and will be shipped out at the earliest convenience. Common reasons that your package might be on HOLD include:

1. The item is taking some extra time in processing

2. *Our shipping dept wants to send all the product out at once and will hold it until they can       (*promotional items) 

3. There is a delay with UPS or USPS and we are working to resolve it. 

4. The item is on hold because we do not have all the items to complete the order

5. There is an issue with your address, our team at abucares.com will be in touch as soon as possible to clarify any concerns. 

Although these are common reasons, they aren't the only ones. The best thing to do when you receive an email saying your item is on hold is to wait a couple days and if your status doesn't change you can email us to follow up. 

Thank you for your patience :)