We do not have coupons or discounts generally available on request. That is not to say they do not exist, though they are almost always given out for a specific purpose. 

For instance, attendees to an event we sponsor, such as TeddyCon, will have access to a limited time discount code following the event, and may also win additional prizes during the event itself. 

If you purchase samples from us, every two you order will come with a store credit code you can use on a future order. 

In the past, we have done long-running discounts on specific products, though this only happened when we had a known issue across an entire production batch. 

We also offer a permanent discount for military veterans. 

Some products have automatic discounts, such as buying apparel with at least one pack of diapers. Doing so on the US site will net you an automatic $5 off per article, for example. 

During holidays or other special times, we may run sales, either storewide or on specific products.