Usually not. 

We will occasionally offer preorders at our discretion, and this will generally be for very popular products that have been out of stock for a long time, or for upcoming new releases. 

Our philosophy behind this decision is that it protects you, the customer, and holds us to a standard of good business practices. The worst possible outcome of taking preorders is that paid orders never get fulfilled due to us not receiving the items. Obviously this is very unlikely, but still a distinct possibility when dealing with physical supply chains. This policy also ensures that you'll receive your order in a timely fashion, without any guesswork or needing to contact us to ask how long it will be.

When we do offer a preorder, we will also set up front expectations about the expected delays. We inevitably end up with many hundreds of orders in queue by the time the product has arrived, far more than we can handle in a single day. This backlog could take a week or more to fully clear, but our announcement email and website banners will give clear information regarding how long we expect it to take to ship out all orders.

You may wish to put yourself on a waitlist to be notified when a product does come back in stock. For more information on how to do so, please see this article.