Yes! We Ship Discreetly.

We have two packaging options, depending on what you select on your order. 

  1. Our poly mailers are sturdy and opaque, yet flexible, and take up little space. 
  2. Our cardboard boxes are plain, with no ABU logos or wording. We use brown plain packaging tape on boxes and clear packaging tape on poly mailers and make sure the box / poly mailer is well taped and secure.
  3. Our warehouse teddy bears then seal the box with candy, stickers and a postcard (depending on region) and ship the package off to your destination! 
  4. The origin address is as discreet as we can make it, coming from Strom Holdings.

How Your Package Will Ship

  • Packages that are made up of 40 packs of diapers or less will now ship in poly mailers (similar to how we do samples). 
  • Packages that are made up of 80 diapers (case) will ship in a cardboard box.

Diaper Sample / DiaperSuit / T-shirt

10 Pack - Poly Mailer
40 Pack - Poly Mailer80 Case - Cardboard Box

If you would like your package (that isn't a case) to ship in a cardboard box, SELECT "Cardboard Box" at checkout which will add $1.50 USD ($2.50 CAD) in Shipping and Handling.

NOTE: If your order is being shipped internationally from the USA, we will describe the package as "Incontinence briefs" or "Diapers" on the label. This is required to cross customs and country borders.