When you successfully place an order on any of our regional websites, we'll send you an order confirmation email which contains the following information. If you have not received this email, please reach out to us at abucares.com as there may have been an error in the provided email address. 

Please be sure to check all the details in your order confirmation email, if there are any issues with your order please reach out to us as soon as possible at abucares.com.

- Your Order Number

- Your Billing address

- Your Shipping address

- A list of the items ordered

- Redacted Payment details

- Details about your chosen shipping method.

You'll also see the option to view your order via your account at Abuniverse.com, a link to visit our webstore and a link to contact us at ABUcares.com

In most cases, we will be able to amend any issues with the ordered items, the provided shipping address and the chosen shipping method prior to shipment. Let us know as soon as possible at Abucares.com

Our range of support becomes limited once your order has been shipped or delivered and we cannot accept responsibility if your package was delivered to the wrong address in the event an incorrect address is provided.

In the event you have ordered and received the incorrect items, we may not be able to accept any requests for returns or exchanges related to diaper products. 

We may be unable to change your billing address once payment has been processed as it is used for payment verification purposes. 

We are unable to change your payment method once your order has been paid and confirmed, if you selected the wrong payment method, please cancel your order via the link provided in your order confirmation email and place a new order with the intended payment method.