This information is outdated. Please use the shipping calculator on our website to get the exact rates.

ABU Europe ships to 30 different countries! Below is a list of the most common countries that we ship to, and the prices. These countries all work on a flat rate fee, so the price is the same no matter how much you buy. 

If you don't see your country in the list below, then please contact us for a quote - we can ship to most places in the EMEA region.

CountryShipping TimeCost
Austria2-3 Days€14.50
Belgium2 Days€8.95
Bulgaria4-7 Days€33.50
Croatia4-6 Days€22.50
Czech Republic3-4 Days€12.50
Denmark3 Days€13.95
Estonia4-5 Days€19.95
Finland4-5 Days€22.95
France2 Days€8.95
Germany2 Days
Greece4-9 Days€39.95
Hungary4 Days€15.50
Iceland4-6 Days€44.95 + €25.00 Customs Charge
Italy3-4 Days€15.95
Latvia4-6 Days€20.95
Lithuania4-6 Days€17.95
Luxembourg2 Days€8.95
Netherlands2 Days€8.95
Norway***4-6 Days€34.95 + €25.00 Customs Charge
Poland4 Days€11.95
Portugal4-5 Days€18.50
Romania4-6 Days€32.50
Russia3-8 Days€169.95
Serbia4-7 Days€72.95
Slovakia3-4 Days€16.50
Slovenia4-5 Days€15.95
Spain3-4 Days€17.50
Sweden4-5 Days€13.50
Switzerland3 Days€18.95 + €25.00 Customs Charge
Ukraine6-9 Days€74.95

*** Norwegian customers must provide us with their PID (Personal ID Number) for customs clearance. Norwegian Customs require this number to be on the commercial invoices for the import into Norway. For more information about this, please see Norwegian Custom's information about this at We cannot ship parcels without your PID Number.