To cancel an order that is still in Processing status:

1: Log into your account using the My Account link at the top of the store page. 

2: Click on the Orders tab.

3: Click the Cancel action for the order. This will pull your order out of the Processing queue and send a notification to the ABUCares team to review the cancellation request.

4: Once your cancel request has been accepted, you'll receive an email notification. Refunds are not processed automatically, as we will need to examine the order and ensure that no part of it has been processed. This may take some time, depending on ABUCares' workload, but this delay does not affect the order's cancellation eligibility.

Refunds can take several business days to process. Please contact your bank for additional information regarding this, as ABUCares has no knowledge of or influence over processing time once a refund has been submitted.

If the Cancel action option does not appear, or if you created your order without associating it to an ABU store account, then you'll need to contact ABUCares via ticket or email. This also applies if you wish to undo your cancellation, as there is not an action available to move an order back into Processing. Please provide your order number when contacting ABUCares. 

For diapers, whether your order can be cancelled depends on its status:

  • Processing: It has yet to be labelled for shipping and is eligible for cancellation.
  • Completed: The order has been labelled for shipping. ABUCares will have to evaluate whether your order is eligible for cancellation.

                Eligibility now depends on its transit status:

  • Not yet collected: If it has yet to leave the warehouse, it may be eligible for a cancellation with no fee. This depends primarily on order volume, as it may not be possible to locate the package amidst all orders waiting to be picked up.
  • In transit: Orders that have been collected and in transit may be eligible for cancellation. USPS Priority Mail and most UPS shipments are generally eligible. A restock fee will be subtracted from the refund amount. FedEx shipments are not eligible for in transit cancellation.
  • Delivered: A package that has been delivered is no longer eligible for refund or return.
  • Returned to sender: A package that has been returned to our warehouse is generally treated the same as one that is in transit, but this mostly depends on the reason for the return.

Regardless of the above information, we guarantee a one hour grace period for all orders. Any cancellation request received within an hour of the order's receipt, which includes the order number, will be honored with no fees applied. We cannot guarantee that your cancel request will be honored if the order number is not provided.

Apparel may be eligible for returns if it is unworn and unwashed; these will be evaluated on a case by case basis by ABUCares. Apparel being unworn is not a guarantee of return eligibility.

White suits are eligible for return within 30 days of order placement, and subject to return policy detailed here.

Other products, such as stickers or mugs, will be evaluated when requested.