We have made some changes to our payment gateway, specifically to increase security and reduce instances of potential fraud. For some time, our payment acceptance rules were somewhat lax, allowing the zip to be mismatched, but we've found it necessary to enforce this.

If the billing information for the card you're using does not match what is entered in the billing address fields on the order, the payment will be declined. ABUCares cannot circumvent this, our customer service team are unable to authorise or override these declined payments.

Your declined payments may show as pending charges on your bank statement. We also cannot make these drop off or push a refund for them, as those payments never reached us. They will remain on your account until dropping off automatically within a few days; the time for this to happen depends entirely upon your bank and their processes and policies.

If you are sure that you're entering the correct billing information during checkout, then you'll need to contact your bank.

If you've recently changed your billing address, it may simply be taking time for their system to process the change. It is also possible that a typo was made in that change. ABUCares cannot view the billing information associated with the card, so we have no way of confirming the accuracy of the information.

If, after all this, you're still sure of the information that's been entered, and have confirmed this with your bank, then it may be due to saved card information. Log into your account, then go to the Payment details tab. Delete the saved card info there. This will clear the stored authentication token, which can still be linked to billing information that is no longer accurate.