So you've ordered a diapersuit, received it, and tried it on. You've decided that it doesn't fit quite right, or it's perfect but you want a different color. Now you're wondering how to get it back to us for an exchange. Look no further! The instructions that follow will guide you through the process and let you know what to expect.

1: Make sure it's not stained or damaged. We can't resell it if it's not in excellent condition. If you send us one that is not in acceptable condition, the exchange will not be processed and it will be sent back to you.

2: Don't wash it! We'll handle that part when it gets back to the warehouse. The only exception to this is if it's minorly stained and you need to see if it washes out before sending it back to us. Use cold water, with laundry detergent that contains no scent or dyes.

3: Contact ABUCares via ticket or email to arrange the return. Please provide your order number. We'll provide you with a USPS return label to print yourself if you are based in the US. For other regions, we will ask you to arrange for a mail return yourself.

4: Acquire your own packaging and mail it off to us. Our labels are generated as First Class Package, 15oz, and post offices have a variety of inexpensive options that work with this. We recommend ReadyPost envelopes, as they are affordable, renewable, and appropriately sized.

5: We'll process your exchange when it arrives at the warehouse. Transit can take several days; you may want to retain the tracking number from the label to keep an eye on its progress, but this is not necessary. Keep in mind that our mail drop off often happens late in the day, so please allow at least one business day after its arrival before contacting us to ask about its status. We'll provide you with a store credit code for the value of the item and return shipping if you have paid for this yourself, this can be used towards a future purchase.