If you need a change quickly made to an order you placed, call us or submit a ticket as soon as you can. Time is often of the essence, and if your order has already been processed, then we may not be able to perform your request.

Change of Product or Cancellation:

This can be done as long as your order has not yet been processed and made ready to ship. It may also be possible if it has been processed but has not yet left the warehouse, but we cannot guarantee this as it may be too difficult to locate your order among the others that are waiting for pickup.

Change of Address:

As above, but with the included stipulation that we may be able to modify an address after it has already begun transit. These conditions must be met:

1: Shipping method must not be UPS SurePost

2: Package must have at least one scan update in its tracking

3: Package must not be out for delivery

If these are all true, then send us a call or ticket. Be prepared to pay to have the address adjusted, as UPS charges us an intercept fee. The flat fee is generally $13.40, but this may be increased if the new address is geographically different enough to need new postage.