If you elect to take advantage of our Economy shipping offer, that means you're okay with us picking the most cost effective way to ship your order to you

Regardless of what is stated, Economy shipping carries NO GUARANTEE OF SHIPPING TIMEAny given numbers are merely estimates. 

How It Works

United States Shipping

  • Sample / Stickers add $1 USD for shipping
  • Apparel / Swag add $3 USD for shipping

  • 30 Pack Boosters add $3.50 USD for shipping
  • 120 Pack Booster add $6 USD for shipping

  • 10 packs add $5 USD for shipping
  • 40 packs add $8 USD for shipping
  • 80 packs add $12 USD for shipping



NOTE: Economy shipping program does not apply to Alaska or Hawaii.

Canada Shipping

  • Sample / Stickers add $2 for shipping
  • Apparel / Swag add $4 for shipping

  • 30 Pack Boosters add $5.50 for shipping
  • 120 Pack Booster add $10 for shipping

  • 10 packs add $8 for shipping
  • 40 packs add $12 for shipping
  • 80 packs add $17 for shipping


NOTE: For CA, economy shipping program does not apply to the Yukon, Northern Territories, or Newfoundland. For AU, only Australia itself is eligible.

Australia Shipping

Information to be added later. AU is currently undergoing a restructuring of its shipping.

Shipping is calculated upon checkout based on what is in your cart. Shipping will only be charged based on individual packages leaving the warehouse. 

For example, if you ordered a pack of diapers with a t-shirt, we would only charge you the flat rate shipping for the pack of diapers since the items can ship in the same package.

What To Expect Based On Order Size


Samples & Apparel: USPS First Class Package for 1 or 2 items. Three or more will be boxed together and mailed as one package.

Single packs: Usually these will be via FedEx SmartPost. Destinations that are close to one of our warehouses will often see USPS Priority Mail used. Some packages may still use FedEx or UPS Ground, but this is less common for small boxes.

Half cases (40) and full cases (80): These will almost always go via FedEx Ground/Home Delivery. Some shorter trips will ship via USPS Priority Mail.

Stickers: Individual orders of stickers will be sent via USPS First Class Mail, in an envelope sized to fit them.

USA shipping maps can be found here: https://us.abuniverse.com/contact-us/ 


Most orders will default to FedEx Ground/Home Delivery, with the rest being handled by Canada Post.

What are the differences between these shipping types?

USPS First Class: Restricted to packages under one pound. Typically takes 1-5 shipping days, depending on destination. Difficult for us to estimate shipping time.

UPS Ground / FedEx Ground & Home Delivery: Handled entirely by UPS/FedEx. 1-5 shipping days within the US. See the zone maps here for specifics: https://us.abuniverse.com/contact-us/

UPS SurePost / FedEx SmartPost: This is a hybrid shipping service, in which UPS or FedEx handles a majority of the transit, then hands it off to USPS at the end, as the postal service is better equipped for residential deliveries. Generally the cheapest service for small boxes. Usually ships at Ground speed plus 1-2 days, but can take longer.

USPS Priority Mail: Usually the most expensive method, but can be cheaper for short trips. Ships in 1-3 days.


If your order ships in multiple packages, be aware that they may not be all the same shipping type, and therefore may arrive on different days. For instance, an order with a full case and a single pack will be in two boxes. The case will most likely be UPS Ground, but the pack will probably be UPS SurePost, which will generally arrive a day or two behind the Ground shipment. If you want your whole order to ship by the same service, make sure you select your preferred shipping carrier during checkout.