1: Customer must pay to reship an order that was returned to sender if the fault was not on the shipping carrier or ABU. This includes, but is not limited to, orders for which we were given an incorrect address, or ones that were shipped to a UPS/FedEx location but not picked up within the allotted holding time. ABUCares will contact the customer regarding their order to arrange the shipment once the package has arrived back in our possession.

2: Customer must pay for shipping carrier intercepts if due to a fault that was not on the part of the shipping carrier or ABUThis fee must be paid by the customer before the intercept is requested. The fee amount varies by carrier and service level.

3: Daily shipping cutoff is 1PM local time for US warehouses, 3PM for Canada. Any orders received after that time are not guaranteed to process on that day. We may still get to them, but it depends on how busy we are on a given day.

4: For lost in transit or damaged packages, a claim must be filed with the carrier:

    For USPS, visit your local post office and ask for a mail search, or click here to do so online.

    For UPS or FedEx, contact ABUCares, as lost package claims are best started by the shipper.

5: When sending to an address at which the package will be held for pickup, please be as specific as possible with the information you provide. Give the location on the order in the company field, such as "UPS Store". Additionally, if that location requires you to use a specific package carrier, you must select an appropriate shipping option during checkout. Failure to do so may result in the package being returned to us, which will result in delays and additional shipping fees.