First of all, thank you for your active service. If you haven't done so already, please feel free to see the article here regarding obtaining your military discount.

To address your order to where you are, we have some tips and recommendations. These come for the most part directly from USPS' guidelines, which can be viewed here.

1: The city must be APO/FPO/DPO. The proper postage will not be used if the city is incorrect, and will most likely result in the package being returned to us a day later if not caught and corrected by our shipping team.

2: The state must be AP/AE/AA. Same as above.

3: Address 1 is your unit and box number.

4: Use your rank and full name.

5: The country is US. Using any other country will also throw off the shipping system, as it will think you're trying to order to a nonmilitary international address.

During checkout, you should only be presented with USPS options. If for some reason you see options for economy, FedEx, and/or UPS, please double check your shipping address using the above guidelines. If you are sure that the address is correct despite this, then select a USPS option. No other carrier can deliver to military addresses, and these orders do not qualify for economy shipping due to the increased cost to send them.

Please also bear in mind that the shipping is technically international, and we therefore do have to make a customs declaration. We use the same wording as other international shipments to make our best effort to ensure smooth passage through customs.