Now that we have two warehouses in the US, not all our inventory is in one place. This provides us some great advantages in being able to store more product, and get orders to our customers quicker. What can happen as a result, however, is one location can be out of a product while the other has plenty to spare. What this means to you as a customer is, if you place an order for multiple products, and your closer warehouse can't ship part of it, then the rest will come from the other warehouse.

Again, this will only happen if we run short on inventory in one location. This usually won't be the case, but it's not always possible to keep everything fully in stock due to manufacturing delays or other unpredictable circumstances. We also understand that multiple tracking numbers don't always get passed through to the email you receive; it is a known issue and we are working on correcting it. Please feel free to contact ABUCares if there is any confusion or uncertainty as to the whereabouts of part of your order.