What is vaulting?

As the creative design team behind ABUniverse’s diaper line-up continues to drive forward with the newest designs and the best diaper technology available, we may make some room in our range and refresh some of our most beloved classics. 

Vaulted products are items that are no longer in active production. This is so that they can spend some time with our creative design team to be brought back better than ever. 

Will they ever come back?

While there’s no production scheduled for vaulted diapers, we know that they are much-loved members of the classic ABUniverse Diaper lineup.

We all have a soft spot for certain diapers and we expect that most diapers that enter the ABU Vault will make a comeback in the future, either refreshed, upgraded and updated or potentially in their classic form. That might be for a limited time run or to re-join our main lineup! With so many diaper ideas we have to make sure we have room for new designs.

Will other diapers go into the vault/what will be vaulted next?

Other diapers will be vaulted over time and others will come back. It takes months of planning, discussion and review to choose which diapers will be vaulted. It is a process and we will continue to review whilst keeping an eye on our product availability and demand from the community.

How long until vaulted diapers are gone?

Diapers sell at different rates in each market. If you have a favourite and you want to make sure you’ve got some to enjoy for a little while longer we recommend you place an order soon! Once each vaulted brand has it’s inventory exhausted it will not return until we release them from the vault.