Q: Do gift codes expire?

A: They do not. 

Q: How do I get one?

A: Gift codes are given out with pairs of samples, and when we run special promotions. You may also purchase one by sending us an amount through PayPal. A direct gift code purchase can also be made, but must be created as a manual order by ABUCares.

Q: How do I use it?

A: Simply enter the code on the cart page. There is a field for code entry directly below and to the left of the list of what's in your cart. Type in your code, then click "Apply coupon".

Q: Can I give my code to someone else?

A: You can. Codes are not tied to accounts and can be used by anyone.

Q: Can I get my code back if I lose it?

A: It depends on how you received your code. If it was purchased through the site directly or through PayPal, then yes, as we have records of it. If it was given with a sample pair, or during a promo, then no, as those codes are preprinted in large batches and not linked to any account.