All Packages we send out are discreet, we no reference to ABU or what is inside the package.

Single Packs and Samples

All our Single packets and sample packs are sent in Satchel bags. They will either be plain white or be the courier company satchel bag.

All orders are doubled bagged.

2 Single Packets

Each packet will be put in a large Satchel bag with only a shipping label only the outside.

Half-case and Full cases

Half case and Cases will usually either be in a 4 pack boxes that maybe wrapped with black shrink wrap. (Total discretion is assured).

Your order may also put into a plain box that will not say ABU or that there are Nappies inside.

If you have any issues or concerns send us a ticket  (Primary ABU Store as Australia), Email us( or call us on +61 3 9068 9950