Although we pride ourselves in only selling what's available, accidents do sometimes happen. 

If for any reason we can not fulfill a portion or the entirety of your order, we have a few options available to offer. To start, your order will be placed on indefinite hold until we have received confirmation on which option works best. Once your order has been placed on hold, we will reach out and offer to either HoldSwap or Refund the affected order. 

An order on Hold will stay in our system until the affected product becomes available. This process may take anywhere from a few days to a month or more. We will do our best to keep you up to date with the best-expected arrival time, however, these are only estimates and can change at any time.

Swapping the affected product is the most common solution, as we often have a comparable item in stock to substitute with. Your Customer Service Agent will offer one or more products to substitute out with the affected item. If you have a replacement product in mind already, let us know! But keep in mind, the substituted product must be an equivalent price or less unless directed otherwise by the Customer Service Agent you are working with.

If neither option works well for you, we are happy to Refund either the affected portion of your order or the entirety of it.

Any other options that are presented are at the discretion of the Customer Service Agent you are working with.

If you suspect your order is on hold for any reason, and you have not received any correspondence about it, please reach out to us at with your order number to verify! We are always happy to help make sure you get the products you ordered in a timely fashion!