If you receive your package and your diapers are defective or damaged, consult the lists below. If your issue is on the list for which we provide replacements or compensation, send us a ticket here. Photos are required for consideration of compensation.

Defects for which we will compensate:

  1. Tapes: Manufactured damaged, cut significantly short, or attached incorrectly
  2. Tape panel defects
  3. Ripped/Cut materials
  4. Misprint (applies to printed diapers) 
  5. SAP leakage
  6. Extra plastic or materials attached to the inside layer
  7. Glue defect

Issues for which we will evaluate on a case by case basis:

  1. Product ordered scented but did not arrive scented

Issues for which we will NOT compensate:

  1. Smeared ink on printed diapers as a result of scenting application
  2. Ink rub off onto skin or fabrics
  3. Tapes claimed to be not sticky