If you've received your order and since found that your products aren't performing up to our standards, or there were issues on arrival, fret not. Your order may very well be eligible for compensation. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality product and don't want our customers to be stuck with substandard offerings.

Should you wish to contact us about a potential defect or error, use the button above to create a new ticket. Please be prepared to provide photos, a detailed description, and manufacturing batch information, which is found printed on the outer plastic of each pack.

Here are some issues for which we will consider compensation:


    -Bad placement on wings

    -Cut short or uneven

    -Detaching from back plastic

    -Not adhering to front, though we evaluate this much more strictly

Landing zone:

    -Peeling off of outer plastic

    -Tearing or splitting

    -Misaligned or cut incorrectly

Base materials:

    -Outer plastic tearing or splitting

    -Bad cut dimensions affecting fit around the body

    -Inner and outer layers separating

    -Absorbent material escaping

    -Foreign materials present in absorbent mix

    -Elastic strength and absorbency will be evaluated more strictly

Handling or processing errors:

    -Damaged in shipping

    -Ordered scented but not received, or vice versa

    -Excessive smudging of outer ink layer due to scenting process

    -Missing or unreadable sample gift code on packing sheet

Items we've deemed not eligible for compensation:

    -Ink transfer from outer layer to skin or clothing due to friction or application of creams, oils, or lotions

    -Misaligned landing zone on small sizes of Preschools

The above lists are not exhaustive, but should cover most reports. If you have an issue that is not given above, you may still contact us about it, but please be mindful of the fact that we will have to evaluate whether a legitimate defect or error has occurred.

Please also be aware that we may require part or all of your order to be returned. If you believe you have a defect, please preserve any and all packaging; you will be expected to provide your own appropriate shipping materials if we decide to go ahead with a return. You must also be able to print out a return label that we email to you.