Cyber-week is one of our busiest periods here at ABUniverse. Year on year we have had an increasing number of customers  take advantage of our week long discounts and limited edition promo items. 

During this period there are some details to take note of regarding your order.

- We will be unable to fulfil our usual goal of same day shipping during Cyber-week and for a period of time after the sale ends.

Due to the large influx of orders we receive during this period we cannot guarantee that your order will be shipped on the day your order is placed, even if placed before our usual cut off time. 

- Generally, all orders will be packed on a first in, first out basis. 

We will prioritise shipping orders with expedited shipping options. All orders placed with ABU ECONOMY SHIPPING or a our local standard service (Such as DPD UK mainland standard in the UK) will be shipped AFTER we have packed orders with an expedited shipping option.

- Order processing delays.
Due to the high volume of orders, it will take our teams longer than usual to work through our processing queue. We will provide regular updates on the timescale we expect to be caught up on orders via the banner on our website. We also recommend following our Social Media pages for further updates.

Update 11th December:
Latest expected ship by dates:

US- 18th of December
EU- 12th of December

- We cannot move the position of your order in the queue.

We understand that some of our customers wear our products for a range of medical needs and may require products urgently. All orders will be shipped on a first in, first out basis and we cannot bump your order up the processing queue.

We highly recommend that if you require these products urgently that you place your order with an expedited shipping option or to stock up beforehand and place an order only if you wish to take 

advantage of the sale.

- Can I change my order? I ordered the wrong item.
The best solution is to cancel your order via your account and place a new order with the correct items. Order changes will be accommodated at our own discretion.

-Can I change my shipping address?

The best solution is to cancel your order via your account and place a new order with the correct address. Our team will prioritise address changes where possible to ensure your order arrives at the desired location. Please note that if your order has been processed we may not be able to make any further adjustments to your address. 

- Collecting your order from one of our warehouses.
Please only come and collect your order once it has been processed and you have received email notification that your order is ready for collection. Our team will be unable to prioritise the processing of your order if you arrive to collect your order before it is ready for collection.


- Limited edition promo items.
During Cyber Week we may offer some limited edition promotional items. There are certain requirements that must be met in order to claim one of these limited edition promo items. Please ensure that you have read the requirements and that the item is visible in your cart at the time you check out.

Promo items will also appear in your order confirmation email.

If you have met the requirements to receive a promo item but it is not in your cart or in your order confirmation email, we may not be able to fulfil it on your order.

Due to limited availability, promo items will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis and additional items will not be made available.

In the event that your item is lost, damaged or mis-shipped we will work toward a solution but cannot guarantee a 1:1 replacement of the product. 

After the sale has ended, these items will not be made available for general purchase. In the event that stock remains we may offer these items at events, or to customers who may have been eligible during the time of the sale.

- Shipping times and shipping delays.

Cyber week is a very busy period for all of our couriers due to the high volume of online retail. Please note that shipping delays are not something we can necessarily assist with during this period of time. Your package may take longer to be delivered and tracking information may not update as frequently due to backlogs at our couriers depots.

In the event your package is lost, stolen or tracking does not update after 7 working days. Please reach out to and we will do what we can to assist you.


- Sale pricing and sale availability.
We cannot offer sale pricing to orders placed before the sale has started or after the sale has ended. We may extend the sale at our own discretion. Customers will not be offered refunds or reimbursement if their order was placed before the sale has gone live. 

In the event that your order was placed before the sale went live and has NOT been processed you are welcome to cancel your order and request a refund. You may then place the order again with sale pricing applied, your order will be placed into the processing queue and shipped on a first in, first out basis. Your order will not be bumped to its prior position. 

- Cancelling your order.

If you place an order during the cyber week sale you are able to request cancellation via the order section of your account providing the order has not been processed. If your order has been processed but has not yet shipped please contact us as soon as possible at

We cannot guarantee your cancellation request will be actioned if your order has been processed. Orders pending shipping may have already left our warehouse and may be pending their initial scan with our couriers at the local depot, we cannot cancel orders that have already left our warehouse.


- Further questions
If you are unsure about anything, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at During the sale it may take us longer than usual to respond to your message. Please be patient, we will try to resolve all issues as soon as possible.