As the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and its resulting disease, COVID-19, continue to affect more and more people globally every day, we at ABU have been enacting safety measures to ensure that we're doing our part to protect our customers and ourselves while still remaining in operation.

Employee safety

Any employees who can perform their job functions from home are doing so. For those that must still be present on-site, such as our warehouse order processors, we are maintaining as much physical separation as possible. Only one person will be allowed to pack orders at a time, and face-to-face office visits are not being conducted, for example.

All employees are maintaining strict sanitation standards. These include frequent hand washing and wiping down all work surfaces before and after any direct contact is made.

Given the restriction on how many simultaneous people we can have working on shipping orders, we have to suspend our shipping guarantee until further notice. For all orders that choose economy shipping, it is not guaranteed that the order will be processed within 24 hours on working days. We are still making our best efforts, but order processing may be delayed by a day or two. Orders that elect to pay for upgraded shipping will still receive priority service and be processed before any that bear economy shipping.

Customer safety

Despite the virus having viability of only a few hours on most surfaces, our order handlers are taking steps to minimize direct contact with product. For instance, gloves are being worn to reduce direct skin contact.

Until further notice, we've disabled the will call pickup option, and are not allowing customers to enter our warehouses to place orders in person. This eliminates the possibility of passing the virus to or from a customer by way of face-to-face interaction or handling of payment.

We have also disabled scenting as a product option. This serves two primary purposes. Firstly, it continues to minimize the direct contact that our order packers must make with the product; scenting is a process that does break the seal of the pack in order to insert the strip. Secondly, it reduces the impact we would have on our local communities, specifically in regard to alcohol supplies. Isopropyl alcohol, which is necessary for our scenting fluid mix, has become understandably scarce, and we would rather not take any away from others who need it more than us.

Current shipping advisories

With regard to expedited shipping, please bear in mind that the carriers we use are also being affected. UPS and FedEx, for example, have currently suspended their service guarantees, which means a shipment ordered for a given number of days may take longer than that number. All shipments have the potential of being delayed; keep an eye on your tracking once you have it, and understand that the given date may have to be pushed back.

We are also unable to currently offer requests to require a signature on delivery, as carriers are suspending this service to minimize contact.

USPS has suspended international service guarantees to a number of countries. Please see the list here.

In the UK, DPD has suspended all pickup locations. Please do not address an order to one at this time.

Business stability

Given continued delays on our manufacturing end, primarily due to difficulties in sourcing raw materials needed to make our products, we've suspended our 80 case prices. This will reduce the number of products that run out of stock while we wait for our supply chain to stabilize. It is still possible to order eight packs, but it will be at the price of two 40s.

At this time we are not planning on closing. We're entirely cooperating with all levels of government which affect each of our locations, and at current time are not affected by closure orders. We are an FDA-licensed business, and our products are purchased by both incontinent people and those who derive a great amount of comfort from them. It is our belief that our closure would have a significantly negative impact upon many individuals who are relying on us to help them through their long periods of isolation.